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PBA Blasts Nassau Executive Laura Curran #TruckOfTruth

Jan 09, 2019
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                        #TruckOfTruth on the road standing up for our membership!

By Celeste Hadrick
January 8, 2019

A billboard truck has been making the rounds in Nassau, blasting the song "Rich Girl" while depicting County Executive Laura Curran next to a large red arrow labeled "Assessment Taxes!" pointing up.

"Hey Nassau County, things are looking up. Thanks Laura Curran." is the sarcastic headline.

A PBA billboard truck has been blasting the song "Rich Girl" while depicting Curran next to a large red arrow labeled "Assessment Taxes!" pointing up.

"We're going to fight her on every front," PBA President James McDermott said of Curran. "We feel she's not handling assessment correctly. She's not honoring contracts. She's not keeping her word ... Whatever it is, we're going to challenge her."

In an email to his members on December 28 McDermott said, "just this week I met with the County Executive. Regrettably, and unjustifiably, she informed me that the County will appeal our resounding victory in the longevity case. While the County Executive's decision is a further betrayal of you and all working men and women in Nassau County, I cannot say that it is entirely unexpected."

McDermott said in a statement to Newsday, "To be clear, the PBA cares a great deal about how County government is run. We are concerned about anything that negatively affects the County, whether it be mismanagement of any County Department, the mishandling of the Assessment process, or the County Executive failing to keep her word and honor her commitments. All of those things negatively affect our Members, and we will bring attention to them as needed."

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