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Carver Defends His Cops

Dec 19, 2013
  • nassau pba president james carver

WATCH THE VIDEO - PBA President James Carver fires back against Newsday smear campaign aimed at Nassau County Police Officers.

December 19, 2013
By Nicole Fuller

The president of the Nassau Police Benevolent Association Thursday defended the state's 50-a law, which allows alleged police misconduct to be kept confidential, saying the law prevents unfair public scrutiny of officers.

James Carver, president of the department's largest union, criticized a report in Newsday that sought to examine the law's reach and detailed hundreds of allegations of officer misconduct in both the Nassau and Suffolk police departments.

"Is there misconduct from time to time? Yes, any organization is going to have that," said Carver during a news conference at PBA headquarters in Mineola. He said the 50-a law "stops the nonsense" if a prosecutor or others try to "discredit a police officer."

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